Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness — so why isn’t the medical community helping patients?

When I was twelve, I was coming home from swimming at my neighbor’s dock when I saw an ambulance’s flashing lights in our driveway. I still remember the asphalt burning my feet as I stood, paralyze…

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Finding Hope

Today is the eighth day since I left Florida, day six since arriving in South Africa and day two since officially getting started at Hope Africa Collective.Time for one of my promised updates. &nbs…

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Countdown. There’s officially less than three weeks until I fly out for South Africa. I’m getting ready for the trip in the midst of trying to plan a wedding (I got engaged two weeks ag…


Another Age

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Until It Hurts


I kind of really want to hate social media. And there are absolutely aspects of it that I very much dislike. However, as lame as it makes me feel, somethings about it I really enjoy. One of those things is seeing posts from previous years.

Yesterday I felt really sad. The hurt and pain of relationships and the cost that come with loving was present on my mind.

As the night was drawing to a close, I went on Facebook and saw a post of mine from three years ago. It was a picture of Mother Theresa’s tomb that I had taken while in Calcutta. Each morning, the sisters there would use flower petals to spell out different quotes and sayings and the day I happened to be there they had written across “love until it hurts“.

As those words collided with my heart and the emotions of…

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Watch “Jaci Velasquez – One Silent Night (God So Loved the World)” on YouTube

Christmas Blessings!


Please enjoy the following article written by my precious daughter.


Three years ago I was heading back to America after falling in love with India. This is how I learned to live here again.

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