Where Is The Love

Blessings to You!

I want to transparently share, my heart is broken. When you know why, I believe your heart will also be broken.

Yesterday evening we picked up a child no longer wanted where she was.

The Lord has provided a place for this Precious One, but the tears as biological siblings were separated won’t leave my mind.

I wrestled through the night with thoughts of the history of humanity. History that repeats itself in ‘international, media-noted’ ways, and history in ‘unnoticed by the world’ ways.

We have violence through bombings, shootings, terrorist attacks; and we have violence in our own backyards, all through crime, hate and selfishness.

Where is the love? If love is pure, kind, doing no wrong to our fellow man, thinking of others before oneself, caring for one another, where is this love?

I do know where this Love is. . .this Love is in the One who gave His life that we may live, so that we can be Adopted and Forever Loved!

So, may our hearts continue to be broken for the hurting, the lonely, the lost. May we never grow callous to the pain around us. May we always have the desire to reach out and help, rescue the innocent and hurting.

We all need that loving soul who seems to care when our world is crashing around us. May we always show love through the confusion, anger, pain, fatigue, frustration, fear, above all LOVE!

And as a parting thought. . .in knowing we are adopted into the family of Christ, it is reassuring, (actually more than reassuring), to know that the One who adopts us will not dissolve our adoptions! We are truly Forever Loved!

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