Redeemed Adoptions

Children are a Blessing from the Lord.

Years ago I started working in the pro-life field. Several people asked through the years why I would do what I do. Because there are precious innocents being destroyed, and the Lord has called us to action! If not us, then who?

Today I still work in pro-life, only now the babies and children are already born, but birth parents are unable or incapable of caring for them.

Yesterday I spoke to an adoptive mom who feels they are unable to care for one of their adoptive children. She heard of Embraced by Grace Adoption Agency as many have because we have a heart for these precious children, and this it’s what the Lord has called us to do.

As I read this Precious One’s bio and looked at the pictures of a sweet face, my heart broke, and I wept for this one and others who have suffered grievous abuse at the hands of those who should have protected and loved.

At Embraced by Grace, we take on many cases that others won’t touch because someone must stand up for these precious children.

When an adoption doesn’t work for whatever reason, the Lord provides Redeemed Adoption.

However, often with abused children, trauma counseling is needed, as is care and sheltering until the right Forever Family is found. Some couples want to adopt but need financial assistance for the administrative and legal costs.

Your prayers and support are needed. If God has called you to help children who have been victims of abuse, neglect, those needing a family to love them, please consider partnering with Embraced by Grace Adoption Agency.

We are all called to action. After all, if not us, then who?

Bless you! Prayers and donations are appreciated to help care for children and aid in families being able to bring children home forever.

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