And the World Is Still Spinning ‘Round

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes. Yes, Life is full of changes and yet the world doesn’t stop. It’s spinning ’round.

I hope in this blog to encourage and cause others to reflect.

I have gone through major changes over the last several years. Changes which completely took me by surprise and caused the axis of my life to tilt even more.

To live life to the fullest means you will face changes. As scary as it may be to take that step of faith or to be thrust into the unknown, to not do so would cause complacency and often results in a boring life. Life’s too short to be anything but an exciting adventure!

Welcome the changes! Yes, I’m a great one to say this to anyone. While appearing collected on the exterior, I’ve gone through a flood of rough emotions! I’m so thankful for family and friends, for prayers that turn to shouts, tears, and hallelujahs, often in the same setting, for music and quotes, for long drives in my car, and for The Beach!

Where is God in all this? He has been and is right there in the midst, in my midst, from Beginning to End.

In the depth of heartbreak, fear, sorrow, I have found I may desire and try to run from my circumstances, but I never want to run from the One who truly gives me Unconditional Love.

Many may not understand nor have patience for what you are going through, but the Lord is always there.

My heart aches for those who, while running from their situation, run from Him. He is the only One who will not forsake us, will never leave us.

Run to Him, not from Him! His arms are always open to His Beloved. And Yes, the World Is Still Spinning ‘Round, and He Still Loves Me (and You)!

Why Foster Care Isn’t Adopton

Why Foster Care Isn’t Adopton.