Water Your Own Grass

I read a blog this morning by someone I know and care for about crossing the line. It brought up a lot of feelings. Then I heard a message by Dennis Rainey on Z88.3 Radio about how wives should know they are secure, loved.

“So what,” you may be thinking.

Love between a man and woman is sacred.

Even Christians, or anyone out there who may think they have willpower made of kryptonite, are still flesh and blood. We need to know there is someone in our lives who loves us more than others, protects us, values us, and would never cause us harm or heartache.

If you have been joined with someone, cherish that person. Let them know every day that they are loved by you. Never think life could be better with someone else. Don’t give in to that temptation.

Remember, the grass is greener on the side it’s watered. Wash your Bride daily in the Word, in love, in encouragement. Let her know you are amazed by her beauty. Nurture the love that is sacred!

And, because I sometimes get hit with men saying “What about us?”

Love your wife as Christ loves the church, so much that He gave His life for us.

Men are the protectors, the ones called to tend to their Precious Garden of Love.

Love her dearly, faithfully, and see if you get results you hope to have and more.

Always water your own grass, joyfully stay on your side of the fence and nurture your own Love with every part of your being.


Forgive me, Lord, for anything I’ve spoken other than blessings towards anyone, and put a guard on my mouth and mind.

Every day I hear and read so much that reminds me of the power of words.

A word spoken to or about someone who has wounded or offended, to a family member, even towards a precious child.

Let’s always be aware of the words we choose to use, the names we call others, particularly children.

On their worst days, children are a blessing from the Lord! On your worst day, you are a blessing! Your life is a blessing! You are a Difference Maker!

We must be aware of the power of the spoken word. We speak into existence either good or bad. 

We either bless or we curse with our words. Let’s choose to bless!

May you feel loved and blessed, and share that with others as you go about your day today!