For Every Child A Forever Family

Have you heard of Embraced by Grace Adoption Agency?

I know those who are close to me are well aware of my passion for Life and Adoption.

I want you to know that I feel very blessed to work at a Christian adoption agency. The hearts of each person involved is for orphans, birth moms and families.

Yesterday at Embraced by Grace, we received sad news. We were informed that one of the children we were advocating for is no longer with us. We were not aware that she battled diabetes. Complications set in and her young body gave up.

This hits us so hard as we deeply want each child to know the love and care of parents, of their own family. She was so close to the possibilty of knowing her forever family! But she didn’t make it.

So why would I even share this with you?

Because the need for godly, loving families is great! Greater than you or I can even imagine!

Whether a child gets the love and care needed to thrive and survive cannot always be determined, but I can surely do something to help. We can ALL do something.

Today, please join me in praying for the children and caregivers who knew this little girl.

Pray for those who are frightened and feel alone.

We have an unlimited amount of love to give. Give your love, your prayers, your financial help, your time, your voice to find Forever Families for these precious children.